TWU International Veterans Committee

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The 2022 TWU International 4th quarter meeting held in Los Angeles hosted by Local 502.


We pay tribute to a man who has touched so many lives as a father, brother, veteran, and friend

We pay tribute to a man who has touched so many lives as a father, brother, veteran, and friend. Kirk was a proud Air Force veteran; member of TWU Local 252 Veterans Committee, and an inspirational member of the TWU International Veterans Committee.

Kirk touched so many with his smile, kindness, patience and understanding. He will forever live in our hearts and continue to inspire those who knew him. He will be missed, but never forgotten.

Trevor Reed Update

Hello all,

We just wanted to update everyone in regard to Trevor Reed. Tony McCoy reached out to Chris Kiernan, our chairperson, on the morning Trevor Reed was released. Chris shared with the committee that, Tony wanted to thank the committee for all it has done with getting the information out there. On a recent conference call, Tony again wanted to thank everyone that was involved with helping in getting Trevor home. For Tony and his wife this story has a personal connection. Tony’s family as well as the Reed family are overjoyed with the release of Trevor and his safe return home. As of today, Trevor is in San Antonio getting medical attention that is needed. He has been reunited with his family. Tony has asked to keep Trevor and his family in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers. Tony will continue to update us on his progress.

Please see the statement below.

Our committee would like to thank those whom took the time out to help with the cause and to help our committee.
Thank you from all the members of TWU International Veterans Committee.

Charlana Bilodeau
TWU International Veterans Committee Recording Secretary
TWU 555 Veterans Committee Chairperson


ORD Honoring Memorial Day 2020

Let us not forget those we celebrate Memorial Day for, the ones who have fallen. The ones who have given all!
TWU Fleet Service and Aircraft Maintenance set up American Airlines Memorial Day and POW MIA display at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.


First Quarter Meeting Hosted by Local 568

The TWU Veterans Committee held its 2020 1st Quarter meeting in Miami, FL hosted by Local 568. This meeting starts a new chapter of the committee with our newly elected chair and co-chair. We are revamping our efforts to reach as many members as possible and provide help and support to all our veterans. Many new ideas were discussed with initiatives moving forward and this committee is excited to step up our game to proudly serve our veteran/military members.



TWU Veterans Committee Meets in Dallas

Our 2019 4th quarter TWU Veterans Committee Meetings were held in Dallas, Texas. Local 513 hosted. We held our leadership elections. Charlana Bilodeau returns as Recording Secretary. New Chairman Elect is Chris Kiernan from Local 501 and New Co Chair Elect is Andre Hanekamp from Local 513.





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