Chairman’s Letter

Welcome to the Transport Workers Union 

 Veterans Committee  (TWUVC) Website

VETERANS HELPING VETERANS” its more than a motto its who we are and what we represent.

Starting as the Transport Workers Union-Air Transport Division Veterans Committee on November 11, 2008, we have grown to become the TWUVC encompassing the entire Transport Workers Union organization. I believe this committee has become the business model for other organizations which means more of our nation’s Military Veterans are better informed! 

We are dedicated volunteers serving our Union Brothers and Sisters and family members with anything relating to military duty. Whether Active-Duty, Reserve, Guard, or Veterans as it relates to their civilian employment, benefits, Uniformed Services Employment and Reempolyment Act (USERRA) and benefits our Veterans earned at home and abroad,  in peacetime or war.

The TWUVC is comprised of various sub-committees such as Benefits, Legislative, Events, and Communications to name a few. These sub-committees bring new and important information to regularly scheduled meetings from representatives across the nation from their stations and respective locals so we can share news with our members to better serve our Union Brothers and Sisters, our Armed Forces, and Veteran community.

The TWUVC regularly goes above and beyond assisting any and all veterans as well as military personnel and their families. This committee is currently working in cooperation with a non-profit organization to build a mortgage-free home for a wounded warrior and his family. The TWUVC is also working with another non-profit organization (our third year assisting) collecting and distributing donations for “Operation Free PX”. It is largest of its kind providing our nations warfighters currently stationed at Brooke Army Medical Center the opportunity to shop for everything they need, free of charge to ease the burden of financial pressure before the holidays.

The TWUVC’s primary objective is to assist the TWU’s military veterans with needs and challenges arising due to Military Leave Of Absence (MLOA) , and understanding their contractual rights and benefits as written in their respective collective bargaining agreements. Additionally, we share information on legislative issues past and present that directly affect them, their families as well as their quality of life.

Moving Forward, the bar has continued to rise and the TWUVC will strive to meet its expectations as our motto is…



Peter C. Meyer