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The Transport Workers Union of America was founded in 1934 as an industrial union dedicated to the promise that an organization built on trust and equality for all workers cannot be denied. Our motto is “United-Invincible.”

TWU is affiliated with the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and the worldwide International Transport Workers Federation (ITF). We are a trade unin representing workers in Mass Transportation, Airline, Railroad, Utility, University, Municipalities, Service, and Allied Industries.

Our union operates on three levels- the International Union, Industrial Divisions, and Local affiliates. All TWU members belong to Locals formed on the basis of interest and geographic location. The members elect their own Local officers who handle most of their problems. The International Union coordinates the activities of the Divisions and the Locals and assists in negotiations, organizing drives and legislative campaigns. It provides professional, legal, education, research and public relations services to the Locals and Divisions.

The supreme policy-making body of the union is the International Convention, which is held every four years. International officers are elected at the Convention. The International Constitution, which governs all union activities, is reviewed and amended at that time as well.

Between Conventions, the policy-making body of the union is the International Executive Council and an International Executive Board, Division Councils meet at regular intervals to discuss and formulate policies affecting their own particular memberships.


1220 19th street NW, 6th floor
Washington DC 20036
202-719-3900 office
202-347-0454 fax

The Air Transport Division Veterans Committee was established November 11, 2008 as a viable means to support all military members, defenders of the nation, Veterans and their families of the Air Transport Division.

The TWU Veterans Committee is headquartered at:

1220 19th street NW, 6th floor
Washington DC 20036

202-719-3900 office
202-347-0454 fax

Welcome to the Transport Workers Union

Veterans Committee (TWUVC) Website

VETERANS HELPING VETERANS” its more than a motto its who we are and what we represent.

Starting as the Transport Workers Union-Air Transport Division Veterans Committee on November 11, 2008, we have grown to become the TWUVC encompassing the entire Transport Workers Union organization. I believe this committee has become the business model for other organizations which means more of our nation’s Military Veterans are better informed!

We are dedicated volunteers serving our Union Brothers and Sisters and family members with anything relating to military duty. Whether Active-Duty, Reserve, Guard, or Veterans as it relates to their civilian employment, benefits, Uniformed Services Employment and Reempolyment Act (USERRA) and benefits our Veterans earned at home and abroad, in peacetime or war.

The TWUVC is comprised of various sub-committees such as Benefits, Legislative, Events, and Communications to name a few. These sub-committees bring new and important information to regularly scheduled meetings from representatives across the nation from their stations and respective locals so we can share news with our members to better serve our Union Brothers and Sisters, our Armed Forces, and Veteran community.

The TWUVC regularly goes above and beyond assisting any and all veterans as well as military personnel and their families. This committee is currently working in cooperation with a non-profit organization to build a mortgage-free home for a wounded warrior and his family. The TWUVC is also working with another non-profit organization (our third year assisting) collecting and distributing donations for “Operation Free PX”. It is largest of its kind providing our nations warfighters currently stationed at Brooke Army Medical Center the opportunity to shop for everything they need, free of charge to ease the burden of financial pressure before the holidays.

The TWUVC’s primary objective is to assist the TWU’s military veterans with needs and challenges arising due to Military Leave Of Absence (MLOA) , and understanding their contractual rights and benefits as written in their respective collective bargaining agreements. Additionally, we share information on legislative issues past and present that directly affect them, their families as well as their quality of life.

Moving Forward, the bar has continued to rise and the TWUVC will strive to meet its expectations as our motto is…



Peter C. Meyer


Chairman Emeritus


Christopher Kiernan
TWU Local 501

Louie Mercado
Co Chairman
TWU Local 252

Charlana Bilodeau
Recording Secretary
TWU Local 555

Jose Galarza
(817) 282-2544 office
TWU International Representative

Legislative Sub-Committee

  • Dartagnan Magana, TWU Local 100, Chairman
  • George Bannon, TWU Local 234
  • Vincent Williams, TWU Local 252
  • Wayne Tipton, TWU Local 556
  • Chris Sullivan, TWU Local 556
  • Yvonne Bailey, TWU Local 101
  • Thomas Shaw, TWU Local 234
  • Fidel Minor, TWU Local 260

Events Sub-Committee

  • Olando Epps II, TWU Local 208,  Chairman
  • Brian Galarza, TWU Local 501
  • Jesus Martinez, TWU Local 571
  • Ron Weldon, TWU Local 525
  • Chris Sullivan, TWU Local 550
  • Kevin Starling, TWU Local 268

Benefits Sub-Committee

  • Scott Chisum, TWU Local 514, Chairman
  • George Volkl, TWU Local 512
  • Tracy Hardin, TWU Local 514
  • Hector Colon, TWU Local 568
  • Charles Chase Sr, TWU Local 250A

Communications Sub-Committee

  • Kirk Hobbs, TWU Local 252
  • Eric Espaillat, TWU Local 568
  • Richard Manning, TWU Local 502