Eligibility for VA Medical


 Eligibility for VA Medical

VA health benefits and services, a person who served in the active military service and who was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable is a Veteran. 

VA operates an annual enrollment system that helps to manage the provision of health care. VA applies a variety of factors during the application verification process when determining a Veterans’ eligibility for enrollment, but once a Veteran is enrolled, that Veteran remains enrolled in the VA health care system and maintains access to certain VA health benefits.

Priority Group

Certain Veterans may be eligible for more than one enrollment Priority Group. In that case, VA will always place you in the highest Priority Group that you are eligible.  This is not
A compressive list just the highlights, if you have any question please talk to a Veteran Service Officer or go to a V.A Medical Facility.

  • Priority Group 1

    • Service connected disabilities of 50% or more
  • Priority Group 2

    • Service connected disabilities of 30% or 40%
  • Priority Group 3

    • Prisoners of War
    • Purple Heart
    • Medal of Honor
    • Service connected disabilities of 10% or 20%
  • Priority group 4

    • Annual income below the VA’s geographically adjusted income limit
    • Priority group 6, 7, and 8

Once you are eligible just go to a medical facility near you or a see a Veteran Service Officer in your area and they can direct you to where you need to go to get you medical I.D. card